ASHAALIA believes in new beginnings, blessings and positive energy. As a gift to those that purchase an ASHAALIA jacket, there is an opportunity to customise your jacket with a little crystal.

Crystals are more than pretty stones, they are unique and enable you to connect within to find that balance you need spiritually or physically.

We have designed a secret internal pocket in the left breast where you can carry your crystal to empower you on your journey.

ASHAALIA has hand-picked stones that represent the seven chakras to support you in your journey. Please choose the crystal that you most connect with and we will include this in your order.

The Master Healer

For protection and enhancement, for healing, spiritual growth and manifesting more focus and energy into your desires choose Clear Quartz, the crown chakra.

The All-Purpose Stone

Amethyst will nurture you, choose it to find your clarity, help with spiritual healing through your third eye. Reduce anxiety and stress in your life, giving you a sense of control.

The Stone of Imagination

Tap into your head and heart for a life that is truly aligned. Sodalite, stone of imagination, intuition, and creativity. Push through to a higher calm to claim self-confidence, emotional intelligence and positive thinking.

The Heart Healer

Open your heart to the stone of love, let go of old hurts and open up to positive energy and compassion with Rose Quartz. Or tap into your lucky powers with Green Quartz also linked to the heart chakra bringing you hope, gratitude and positivity to your life.

The Positivity Stone

The power of positivity shines through with the abundance stone of Citrine. You deserve to have it all. A blessing for those wanting joy and abundance in their lives. Focus is on prosperity, joy and energy.

The Protector Stone

Wear this stone like an amulet to give you confidence. The true queen of the jungle. Get the courage to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals with Tigers Eye.

The Calming Stone

Clear away negative energy, thoughts and feelings with Smoky Quartz – the Stone of Power directing you to where you are meant to be or choose to bring out your warrior strength with Red Jasper. The stone that brings balance, stamina, courage and inner strength to make sure your feet are firmly planted as you soar to achieve your dreams.

The Endurance Stone

Bring out your warrior strength with Red Jasper. The stone that enhances balance, stamina, and courage. Make sure your feet are firmly planted as you soar to achieve your dreams.