We lead with the messaging of Generational on Purpose - give your clothing a new life. Ashaalia prides itself on being a supporter of the slow fashion economy. We emulate these values by providing limited edition runs of all our pieces, as well as offering a pre-order model, meaning that we only order as much as we need to to avoid waste. We are in the business of slow fashion, meaning that our high quality garments are wearable for generations to come.

ASHAALIA believes in giving back and is also a proud partner of  i=Change. We give back with every sale made to the charity of your choice. i-change aligns with Ashaalia's values on being part of the solution by empowering women and girls through the various NGOs that i-change supports.

ASHAALIA is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact. That's why we're excited to announce that we're now using GoGreen Carbon Neutral Shipping for all our orders. With GoGreen, we're able to offset the carbon emissions produced by the shipping of our products, helping to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. This means that our customers can enjoy their purchases with the knowledge that they're supporting a company that's taking meaningful steps to reduce its impact on the planet. We're proud to be making this change and look forward to continuing to find ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in everything we do.